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   AKVAMIR LLC is an active fishing company, a member of a fishing corporation group. We have been holding the leading position in the seafood market of Asia-Pacific region and Russian Federation for more than 3 years.

    We offer high-quality seafood and fish products. You’ll find our delivery terms extremely convenient and satisfying. We are highly experienced in fish products logistics all over the world.

    AKVAMIR LLC owns two trading vessels – “TR Pacific”, “TR Nauta” and a number of refrigerator trucks.

Our fish and seafood products are always available at our warehouses in Vladivostok, Kamchatka and Sakhalin Island. We update and widen the range of our products constantly. We keep our partners up to date with the information about arriving of our vessels to the ports of Primorsky region and the Far East. Our business partners are the largest fish-processing companies.

    We invite new partners to a mutually beneficial cooperation!

Wide range of our own fish products in stocks

Our own vessels and refrigerator trucks

Great experience in cargo logistics



Uncleansed 20 - 40+

Headless  25 - 35+

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Pacific and Commander


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 White-bellied flounder Headless L 25+ With caviаr

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Pacific Herring

 Uncleansed 27+ , 29+ 

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Pacific Cod


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ООО "Фар ист Шип"
ООО "Рыбозавод Славянка"
ООО "РПЗ Сокра"
ООО "Шкипер"


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Address: 690003, Russia, Primorsky region, Vladivostok, Stanyukovicha st., house 48/10, office 69

Telephone: 8 800 250 02 37 (Free in Russia)

+7 914 702 83 16 (Sales department)

+7 914 702 82 47

+7 914 702 80 37

+7 914 702 82 94

+7 914 702 83 92 (Purchasing department)

+7 914 702 83 78 (Logistics Department)

+7 914 702 84 08 (Marketing department)

E-mail: office@aqua-world.biz 

opt1@aqua-world.biz (Sales department)




zakup2@aqua-world.biz (Purchasing department)

logic2@aqua-world.biz (Logistics Department)

marketing@aqua-world.biz (Marketing department)

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